WSU & Palouse Knowledge Corridor

Washington State University is working in tandem with Palouse Knowledge Corridor to expand and deepen relationships between community members and the university, and to leverage those relationships in order to engender a healthy economic environment where new businesses can flourish and existing businesses can thrive.  Two overarching projects are underway to help drive businesses to the Palouse. The first of which is to make the manifold resources of WSU more readily available to the professional public, while simultaneously seeking to further engage WSU alumni in the economic development of the region.

The WSU Advantage

WSU has an abundance of two resources that are invaluable to businesses: human capital and physical infrastructure. They are actively seeking new and different ways to make these resources available to the public at large. On the infrastructure side, WSU can offer affordable office space, use of their research park, and access to a wealth of specialized machinery and technology, such as wet labs and high powered microscopes. These physical resources can help lower the overhead for new businesses, as well as making it possible for smaller enterprises to accomplish things on a larger scale than would otherwise be attainable.

WSU’s Human Capital Pipeline

WSU’s human capital pipeline is another underutilized resource for new and existing businesses, with the university producing a constant flow of technical experts in the form of recent graduates and graduate researchers. These people provide an excellent base for potential employees, consultants, and consumers, depending on the nature of the business in question. The university’s researchers are consistently creating new intellectual properties, many of which have direct applications in the major industries in our region.

WSU’s Robust Research Infrastructure

WSU also has a tremendously robust research infrastructure that they are trying to make more readily available to the private sector.  WSU’s Innovation & Research Engagement Office, in tandem with the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, is actively engaging industry professionals to help guide the university’s research efforts in order to solve specific industry problems. One such project saw researchers in the statistics department partnering with a sales firm to develop new analytics to increase their closure rate, while another project saw Smucker’s team with some of WSU’s food science faculty.

These examples go to illustrate the diversity of disciplines and lines of inquiry at your disposal. If you have a research proposal or problem that needs solving, feel free to reach out to WSU’s IREO, and they can help connect you with the right team of researchers to meet your needs. You can find them on LinkedIn or through the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.

A Winning Team

As part of the University’s commitment to building relationships with the community, WSU has partnered with Palouse Knowledge Corridor and Be the Entrepreneur Bootcamp to help present this year’s first BTE event, our first ever Ideation Weekend. This event is targeted at emerging entrepreneurs in order to help them evaluate and refine their business ideas. Topics covered will include the specific steps to creating a business around a sound idea, creating a business model, evaluating your idea, and pitching your concept. The two-day event occurred March 22nd and 23rd, and attendance was only $25, thanks to generous support from the Palouse business community.

The U-Cities Advantage

Pullman and Moscow have the capacity to be a booming market in the same vain as Bend, OR and St. George, UT, especially as the Seattle and Portland markets become more and more hostile to small and mid-size companies. With the impending expansion of the Pullman Airport, the incredible quality of life in the area, and the tremendous resources on offer from our local universities, the Palouse is an ideal place to start a business. Join us in ensuring both WSU alumni and the community at large are able to capitalize on the incredible opportunity of our area.

Find Out More Today!

If you have questions about how to tap into the myriad resources offered by both WSU and BTE Bootcamp, please feel free to reach out to us directly at or visit for more information regarding our upcoming events, which can better prepare you to take advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities abound on the Palouse.