BTE Bootcamp Relationships

Pullman Marketing, the SBDC, and the Networking Possibilities at BTE BootcampThe tangible benefits of attending Be the Entrepreneur Bootcamp’s weekend seminars can be fairly easy to understand. We teach specific skills and techniques, such as performing competitive analysis, creating a detailed business model to use as a guide, and pitch and sales techniques. What is less obvious, though, are the many ways in which the relationships you develop at our seminars can impact not just your experience at the event, but the entire shape and trajectory of your business as a whole. For an example of such a relationship, Adam Jones, Founding President of Pullman Marketing, and Aziz Makhani, Certified Business Advisor and Technology Consultant of the Pullman branch of the Small Business Development Center, were kind enough to share with us their experiences in forging a lasting partnership for the betterment of each other and the community at large.

Pullman Marketing

Adam attended Washington State University with the original intent of going into broadcast production. However, when he was in the final days of working at a restaurant in Pullman, a fortuitous meeting led to him working in video production for the university. Throughout his time at school and the subsequent years he worked for the university, Adam applied his lifelong interest in and skill with technology to cultivate a successful side business dealing with Google Ads and search engine optimization (SEO), server maintenance, and website upkeep. He even tried running a landscaping business for a while, which though it did not pan out, Adam says was a great dry-run for starting a business, as he became familiar with the process of getting licensed, obtaining the proper insurance, and all the other details associated with getting an operation up and running. After that brief engagement, Adam’s skill and experience then led him to start working on Pullman Marketing in earnest.

BTE Business Plan Master Plan

Pullman Marketing, the SBDC, and the Networking Possibilities at BTE BootcampAdam and his business partner attended the 2017 iteration of BTE Bootcamp, which would prove fruitful in many regards. Adam recalls three main takeaways from the curriculum itself. First was the in-depth business model canvas. Adam had taken several business classes, and Pullman Marketing had a 20-page business plan already, but he didn’t realize how much of a boon having a meticulously detailed master document could be in guiding them through decisions on messaging, what to focus on, and which tools to build on first. Next, he remarked on the sense of camaraderie and encouragement they received from all corners of the BTE community, which helped reinforce the things they were doing right, as well as take their conscientious criticism to heart, knowing it comes from the perspective of someone invested in their success. Lastly, the BTE experience made Adam aware of all the resources available to local enterprises and the importance of engaging in the Pullman business community and joining the Chamber of Commerce.

SBDC – Building The Palouse Small Business Ecosystem

All in a day’s work: Small Business Startup, Growth, Maturity and TransitionThis program reflects the core values of both the SBDC and Pullman Marketing, as both Aziz and Adam are dedicated to being supportive members of the small business ecosystem on the Palouse. Pullman Marketing has particularly tailored its products to help startup businesses hit the ground running. It is actively creating tools to make it easier and more efficient for small businesses to engage in the digital marketplace, freeing up time and resources for their clients to devote to other aspects of their enterprise. Adam also sees it as their responsibility as one of the only marketing groups in Pullman to help educate other businesses on what best marketing practices look like, and to engage, educate, and encourage small businesses to present themselves in the best way possible to reach the broadest audience available. With a growing list of satisfied clients as diverse as the 911 Shooting Academy and Spectrum2Dance Art & Dance Studio, Pullman Marketing is proud to do its part in helping Palouse businesses achieve success.

Additional Resources

More information on Pullman Marketing and the services they offer can be found at To engage the services of the SBDC, all of which are free of charge, visit, and you can learn more about Aziz Makhani at or simply introduce yourself at one of the many BTE events he attends. Also, if you would like your business to be part of the Small Business Digital Marketing Assessment, you can do so at Many thanks to Adam and Aziz for their time and continued dedication to making the Palouse such an excellent place for small businesses to thrive.