A Homecoming Of Sorts

There And Back Again

Wild At Art - Unleash Your Inner Artist

Joan Hofmann, Donald Stanziano

For owners Joan Hofmann and Donald Stanziano, Moscow’s Wild at Art represents a homecoming of sorts. Joan started the paint-your-own pottery business back in 2005 and ran it successfully for seven years, before giving it up to pursue other passions. It recently came back into their hands, and the pair has set their sights on making this delightful institution an indispensable part of Moscow’s thriving downtown.

Wild at Art offers supervised sessions in several different media, including pottery, canvas, and glass painting, with specific events like Wine & Canvas nights and Kids Canvas & Cocoa, as well as welcoming drop-ins for when inspiration strikes. They have also found tremendous success in taking their events on the road, partnering with sororities at local universities, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce, and various area nonprofits.

Whether in their home studio or yours, Donald and Joan take particular pleasure in creating an environment where people can just enjoy themselves, a blank canvas where people can have fun and be creative. As Donald said,

“Watching people disabuse of themselves of the notion that they’re not artistic, breaking down that critical voice, giving yourself permission to play and be creative like you did when you were four is pretty cool.”

Paying It Forward – Serving The Community

Wild At Art - Unleash Your Inner ArtistIn speaking with Donald, it is clear their passion for cultivating artistic expression is matched only by the pride in the community to which they serve. With more than 40 years of life on the Palouse between them, Donald and Joan see their success as an opportunity to not only enrich the lives of their neighbors through the services they provide but also to provide a platform to help others that are seeking to better the community in other ways. As such, they’ve partnered with Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society of the Palouse, and other nonprofits for fundraising events. They are also involved in fundraising for a local elementary school that is raising money for an ADA-compliant playground, so all kids can enjoy and use the facilities.

Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp™

When asked where these innovative, community-oriented ideas came from, Donald pointed directly to BTE Bootcamp™, which he attended and considers an invaluable experience. Not only were the ideas, content, and networking opportunities worth the time and money, he was invigorated by the sense of camaraderie engendered by the presenters and attendees alike. This feeling of companionship and teamwork clearly bleeds into everything they do, and we are happy to recognize them as a leading example of the kind of fun, innovative, and community-oriented business that makes our region such a phenomenal place to live.


Additional Resources

Please check out www.moscowwildatart.com or their Facebook page for their hours, upcoming events, or to enlist their help in creating a memorable experience for your next celebration.

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