Bringing Sustainability To Your Shower

You Can Still Start A Business In Your Garage Workshop

Chad Vorse, President of Vorse Machinations, LLC, has always had a passion for creating things. Maria Horta Vorse, Chad’s wife, would playfully tease him about all of the machinations he had been creating in their garage, and thus the name of their company was born. The revolutionary The Forever Shower is one such creation.

The Forever Shower is a luxurious shower innovation to help you use less water and conserve energy, all the while enjoying a relaxing shower experience. The invention was created to help solve some problems in the Vorse home, such as dramatic temperature and pressure changes in their shower when other water-utilizing devices were used, such as faucets, toilets, and laundry.

More Than A Nice Hot Shower

So, what impact could an invention like this have?

“The ultimate impact is staggering,” said Vorse. “Hundreds of billions of gallons of water and gigawatts of energy could be saved in the Western United States. States that frequently face drought crisis like Nevada, Arizona, and California, could have massive impacts on their water and energy usage.”

Vorse Machinations, LLC aims to have The Forever Shower available across the United States, especially in the RV industry. The team has also started talking about the institution of the shower across less-developed communities to help conserve water and enable access to economically and environmentally friendly bathing.

The BTE Bootcamp ™ Factor

Vorse Machinations - Bringing Sustainability To Your Shower

Chad Vorse (Vorse Machinations), Dale Miller (Senior Vice President and Corporate Client Group Director, Morgan Stanley)

Chad Vorse attended Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp this past May, taking second place in the Palouse Challenge. His extended experience with engineering and business, both independently and through Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, made him an involved camper and mentor for his fellow campers.

“Hearing the testimonies of local entrepreneurs is inspirational. The practical details of mistakes, successes, hiring, firing, expansion, and so forth really gave me a sense that I could create a business too!” said Vorse.

The value of BTE Bootcamp, according to Vorse, stretches beyond the basics.

“The group of experts teaching the use of the business canvas and brainstorming how my business can scale, make money, meet customer needs, and so on is tremendously helpful. I attended to get critical feedback and found no lack of it!”

The Palouse Factor

Vorse Machinations - Bringing Sustainability To Your Shower

Chad Vorse (Vorse Machinations)

We often hear that networking is one of the most valuable parts of attending BTE Bootcamp, as Vorse spoke to with us.

“I sensed the tremendous support of the community. Pitching my idea to Bill Lambert, the Mayor of Moscow, was awesome, but having him tell me that ‘There is someone you must meet,’ and getting excited to promote my business ideas was even more thrilling. The experience was much more warm and personal than pitching to the judges during a semester course.”

Of course, entrepreneurship isn’t without its struggles. One of Vorse’s main challenges that he faced entering into BTE Bootcamp was getting the funding to manufacture his product to bring it to market. Over the course of BTE Bootcamp, he received numerous ideas to solve this challenge, one of which being completely cost-free.

“I learned that creativity in problem-solving is equally important to creativity in inventing. I witnessed every business benefiting from the perspectives and advice of business giants who had decades of experience in the startup sector. The value of this type of input is many times the cost of attending.”

So, why start this environmentally revolutionary business here on the Palouse?

“I really like the close knit feeling here,” said Vorse. “I love the synergy between our community and the Universities. I hope to be an entrepreneur that can give back to people in my community who are just starting, just as the BTE Bootcamp gave to me throughout camp.”

Additional Resources

You can learn more about The Forever Shower at the Vorse Machinations (Chad Vorse 208-440-4359).

Photos by Steve Stone.

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