Pullman Regional Hospital and Gritman Medical Center

In addition to being a great place to do business, the Palouse Knowledge Corridor is also home to award-winning, state-of-the-art hospitals – Pullman Regional Hospital and Gritman Medical Center in Moscow, ID.

Outstanding Healthcare – A Regional Multiplier Affect

High-quality healthcare creates healthy communities, drives economic growth, invites innovation, and multiples everyone’s well-being. Award-winning hospital facilities staffed with top-notch caregivers providing programs that change life-outcomes, don’t spring up overnight. Building a hospital and attracting the best caregivers requires years of staying the course, enlisting community support and acquiring large amounts of capital.

The factors that create outstanding community hospitals also attract new businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs who want to become part of a community that can keep them healthy. The Palouse Knowledge Corridor is home to two such vibrant communities, two active research universities and several expanding businesses with a national reach (SEL, NRS, Terragraphics, Meter Group, College Hill Custom Threads, EMSI, etc.) and a local address.

How They Are Alike

Both hospitals offer a full suite of medical services, collaborate with each other, have awards for innovation, consistently “Most Wired”, are actively involved in their communities and can transport patients, by helicopter if needed, to advanced centers for cardiac, neuroscience, stroke, and cancer treatments in Spokane, WA and Coeur d’Alene, ID.

Each hospital has active patient-education programs, certified diabetes instructors and dietetics programs, host annual community events, and award scholarships. With two accredited research universities 8 miles apart attracting students, staff, and faculty nationally and internationally, both hospitals are geared toward continual modernization.

How They Are Unique

Pullman Regional Hospital

A new 10,000 square foot facility for same day services (Infusions, Transfusions, Endoscopy, Epidurals, Chronic Pain management, Pre-operative appointments, Observation status, Radiology procedures that require anesthesia) and outpatient cases is being built and projected to be finished in 2019.

“The expansion will allow us to meet a growing trend to provide outpatient services in healthcare,” said Jeannie Eylar, Chief Clinical Officer.  “The additional space will increase efficiency, provide enhanced room layouts and patient experience to one of the busiest areas of the hospital.”

Orthopaedic Center Of Excellence – serving both athletes and active aging patients.

Center for Learning and Innovation – creating unique ways to use hardware (Anti-Microbial Copper), software (Speech Sounds Visualized), technology (Vien Viewer Vision) and expand services (Social Work Extender Program).

Da Vinci Surgical Robotics – delivering surgical outcomes with less pain, blood loss, scaring and shorter hospital stays for gynecology, urology, and hernias patients.

Community Health 2020 – a plan to make the Pullman Regional Hospital self-determining and self-sustaining in a time of healthcare transformation.

Gritman Medical Center

3D Mammography – the region’s first such unit provides greater accuracy, earlier detection, and better outcomes than traditional mammography methods. Gritman Medical Center offers breast reconstruction surgery, treatment and free screening for women in need.

Blood flow Imaging During Surgery – our region’s first and most advanced fluorescence imaging system delivers real-time images of blood flow to tissues during surgery, which is especially useful during mastectomies, breast reconstruction, gastrointestinal and cardiothoracic surgery

Wound Healing Center – provides specialized wound treatment protocols including debridement, advanced dressings, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), and support services for chronic, complex wounds.

1.5 Tesla Wide Bore MRI – capable of superior quality diagnostic images and exceptional comfort over an expanded range of patient scenarios.

Rural Clinics – offered in Kendrick, Potlatch, and Troy along with a 24/7 online patient portal for viewing test results, making appointments, refilling prescriptions and more.

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