TriboTEX Wins 2017 Technology Acceleration Challenge AwardTriboTEX, located in Colfax, WA, has won the 2017 Defense Innovation Award at the Technology Acceleration Challenge for their proprietary friction reducing and wear reversing nanomaterial. Prior to this award, TriboTEX won the Innovation Award at TechConnect in April, the 2016 Palouse Challenge Award and numerous other grants, cash prizes, and recognitions.

When added to the oil reserve of engines and gearboxes, the self-assembling, two-sided sticky/slippery nanoparticles fill in surface defects leaving an almost frictionless, diamond-hard finish, without unit disassembly or downtime. The results are money-saving improvements in lubrication effectiveness, performance and time in service while reducing friction, engine noise, and maintenance costs. Unlike traditional wear-reducing oil additives which must be continually applied, TriboTEX’s product only uses the oil to initially transport the wear-reversing nanoparticles to the defects, then repairs them for the long term.

“Defense industry has an opportunity and privilege to see and select products at the forefront of technology. TriboTEX is very proud to be an Award recipient this year,” said Pavlo Rudenko. Ph.D. Founder of TriboTEX.“The technology component in the military is the key to retain superiority,” said Dr. Rudenko. “The cost of maintenance of military equipment is substantial and growing. Our technology is applicable to a wide variety of components during normal operation, which is critical for the military, and so simple that it can be used everywhere where friction takes place such as everyone’s daily driving cars.”

TriboTEX Wins 2017 Technology Acceleration Challenge Award

Dr. Pavlo Rudenko

Founded in Pullman, Washington by Pavlo Rudenko, Ph.D. (CTO), TriboTEX offers a clean lubrication alternative. Proprietary nano-structure sheets are designed with specific functional properties on each side to solve important problems that reverses wear and enhances lubricity for the long term for in a variety of consumer and industry application. TriboTEX has developed a sophisticated istacated manufacturing process for scaled-up manufacturing and shipping of products to research institutions and industrial partners.

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Other awards and recognitions:

  • DOE Hydropower Foundation 2011
  • Singularity University Global Impact winner (WSU2011)
  • NASA Space Grant 2011
  • WSU Grand Winner 2012
  • Best Technology Award UW 2015
  • Licensing Executives Society Members Choice Award 2015
  • Palouse Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2016
  • Finalist: RICE, Cleantech Open, FLOW, UW, Inland NW competition)
  • ASEE Fellowship 2016

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Shop TriboTEX Today!

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