TriboTEX Nanotechnology Reverses Engine Wear

February 20, 2017, Seattle – TriboTEX has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring to the market their environmentally-friendly nanoparticle-based applicator which reverses engine wear and makes old cars last longer.

Average American Vehicle Age – 11.6 Years

An average age of vehicles on American roads is 11.6 years, and the segment of old vehicles is growing faster than any other categories. It leads to a number of problems including an increase in carbon dioxide emission due to engine’s excessive heating and low efficiency. One-third of the world energy output is lost due to friction. The majority of currently used lubricants are not efficient; they don’t last long and are not environmentally-friendly.

Reverse Engine Wear, Not Just Reduce Friction

TriboTEX has come up with a solution which not only reduces friction – it repairs the damage and reverses engine wear. The innovation is based on adding synthetic anisotropic nanoparticles to lubricating oils to create a self-forming thick protective coating for engine’s internal components.Nanoparticles are flat and have two functionally different sides: Sticky to attach to the surface and reinforce it, and slippery to reduce friction.TriboTEX - Greater Horsepower, Reduced Engine Noise, Longer Lasting Engine, Increased Fuel Efficiency

Their application results in

  • 10 times reduction in friction
  • Increased fuel efficiency and horsepower
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced engine noise and ultimately
    • Increases the vehicle’s lifespan

To learn more about TriboTEX, visit

Contact the TriboTEX team:

1008 S East Street
Colfax, WA 99111

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