Apply for BTE Bootcamp™ 2017 today!

February 27, 2017 (Moscow, Idaho; Pullman, Washington):

The time is now to commit yourself to finally making that next step toward your business dreams. So what are you waiting for? Apply for BTE Bootcamp™ 2017 today! In our five-day crash course this May 21-15, campers will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best and brightest minds on the Palouse, and network with fellow established and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Campers will have access to unlimited invaluable experiences to improve their businesses through practicing pitches, refining business plans, and talking to industry greats. BTE Bootcamp™ supports business from all backgrounds. It is our goal to help our campers be able to give their endeavors their best shot at success.


Just ask Margaret Donelick, owner of BiMBY Power Company, who attented BTE Bootcamp™ last year. After winning second place in the Palouse Challenge competition, Donelick’s experience at BTE Bootcamp™ helped prepare the company to launch; “It was really interesting to meet so many people offering such a wide range ideas of businesses, and all in different stages of development,” Margaret said. “Without a doubt, the Bootcamp™ met our goal of helping us craft our pitch deck, and it went beyond our expectations by introducing us to helpful people far and wide.” said Donelick.


Trent Goetze, owner of Airway Hills Golf Center, attended BTE Bootcamp™ during the same year as Donelick. “We went to [BTE Bootcamp™] because we saw a chance for us to grow the events segment of our business. By the end of BTE Bootcamp™, we had received so much input and encouragement. We had new vision and passion for the business. We wanted to take what we had learned and apply it to our business as soon as possible! Since BTE Bootcamp™, we have started looking at getting better signage and brochures out, specifically including flyers for events. We also have our social media platform up and running, and have started making contacts with companies about future events.”


Campers have brought businesses of every kind to camp: innovative technology, outdoor recreation, art, athletics, and more. Interested future campers can find the link to the application at, where you can also find the latest news about camp.


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