Accent Reduction On The Go

More Than Words

A mobile app is under development that improves pronunciation of every sound in the English Phonetic Alphabet for non-native English speakers needing accent reduction. Using sequenced x-rays of the mouth while each sound is produced, users are provided visual, auditory and written instructions on how they can reproduce the sound.

Rather than hearing a new pronunciation of a familiar word in a speech therapy session and trying to reproduce it in real time, users get a step-by-step guided tour from their pronunciation to the new pronunciation. Using the mobile app, they can retake any part of the guided-tour, record their pronunciations and compare it with the target example – over and over again, in virtually any setting.

Ground Breaking Approach

Speech Sounds Visualized - Speech Therapy Goes MobileIt cannot be emphasized enough how ground-breaking the mobile app’s three-prong approach (visual, auditory, written) is in overcoming the central limiter of any client’s speech modification progress – accurately practicing what was gained while using the resources provided.

Using the app’s revolutionary images that depict speech sounds through a moving sequence of x-rays, replaces computer-generated images that currently flood the market. The user can watch the imagery for each sound, by pressing the app’s play button. The plus sign on the same screen displays instructions provided by a Speech Language Therapist describing how that sound is produced.

Accents Can Be Limiting

The Speech Sounds Visualized app is designed to improve pronunciation of standard American English sounds. While this could be beneficial to a variety of users, the app’s primary audience are non-native English speakers who desire to be better understood by others. The negative effects of accents impact everything from employment opportunities, relationships, problem misdiagnose, to project failures, career setbacks, and an inability to use a burgeoning array of voice-actuated technology. The old adage “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” is even truer when an accent creates a stumble or awkward pause.

Speech Sounds Visualized - Speech Therapy Goes MobileCooperation Builds Bridges

Speech Sounds Visualized was developed by a Speech Language Pathologist with over 18 years of experience. The app’s revolutionary imagery portrays moving x-rays of the mouth. Each sound (phoneme) is paired with written instruction. This innovative imagery was made possible through cooperation between Pullman Regional Hospital – Center for Learning and Innovation and GemIIni Educational Systems.

The app is currently in beta testing and projected to be available early in 2018. For additional information, please contact Keri Jones (

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