A New Breed Of Sport Drink

Why Whey Is Better

Semplice is an environmentally-friendly, easily digestible high-quality protein and potassium-rich sports drink made from the by-product generated when conventional yogurt’s whey protein is extracted to produce Greek yogurt. For every one ounce of Greek yogurt that goes to market, three ounces of an acidic whey protein mixture is discarded.

Bovine milk contains two groups of proteins – casein (80%)  and whey (20%). In the acid environment of the stomach, caseins precipitate while whey remains soluble over a wide pH range. Whey has superior amino acid profile compared to casein. Classified as a complete (or whole) protein, whey is similar to human milk and used in infant nutritional products. [read more]

Greek Yogurt – The Simplice Solution

Since its U.S. introduction in 2011, the tangy taste and health benefits of Greek-style yogurt have kept it at the top tier of processed dairy product sales. That success has also created a growing problem – more and more whey protein liquid – of no economic value – goes to waste.

Semplice - A Whey Better Sports DrinkThat’s the problem Team Semplice tackled.

“A WSU food science team has developed a solution: a tasty new low-calorie beverage that provides a boost of protein and potassium. The sports drink reduces food waste while also giving the yogurt industry a new revenue stream.” [read more]

Their solution won the $15,000 first place prize, at the 2017 Business Plan Competition hosted by the Carson College of Business.

I-Corps Assembles Team Simplice

The five-member team of faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows developed proprietary recipes, validated by consumer taste panels, aimed at both domestic and international palettes. That approach positions Semplice as a ready partner for local, national or international distribution, while saving the additional water, raw materials and energy costs that would otherwise be expended.

Semplice - A Whey Better Sports DrinkThe Semplice team came together as a result of a 2016 grant WSU received from the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps). The three-year grant made possible the launch of an advanced 8-week course (the LEAN Accelerator program) designed to guide participants through the many steps required for entrepreneurs to bring an idea from conception to the successful insertion into their industry’s marketplace. Semplice’s sports drink enters one of the food industry’s most competitive sectors where sales hinge on exceptional taste, high performance, distinctive packaging and the advantageous shelf placement, rarely captured by startups.

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