A Year Of Widespread Devastation

This has been a truly devastating year for many folks across the country, where it seems like storm after storm has ravaged communities and left them in shambles. Hurricane Harvey was particularly devastating, leaving countless people in the Houston community powerless, both literally and figuratively.


Going Above And Beyond

SEL – A Powerful Force for Disaster Relief


A Powerful Force for Disaster Relief

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, headquartered in Pullman, WA, has gone above and beyond their normal disaster relief efforts and donated $150,000 directly to Red Cross to help the embattled Houston community. This remarkable piece of timely philanthropy cannot be understated, but it is far from unusual from an incredibly generous company. Indeed, the company donated a similar amount of money in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s rampage through the Northeast back in 2012.

It is not uncommon for businesses to espouse their core values, but it is quite rare for a company to follow through on their stated mission to such an extent. Among other values, Schweitzer strives for excellence in bettering their community, working creatively, and operating with integrity, and they continue to embody these concepts in the most trying of circumstances.

Disasters Bring Skyrocketing Equipment Demands

SEL manufactures equipment to for electrical power distribution, so it follows that demand for their products and services skyrockets in the wake of such disasters. While some businesses would seek to capitalize on such an increase in demand, Schweitzer’s response is quite the opposite. As David Costello, vice president of sales and customer service, says, “We are proud to do our part by making it easier for them to get the products they need by cutting the prices, expediting deliveries, and mobilizing employees to be on call for technical support.” In addition, SEL employees worked countless hours of overtime, producing much-needed machinery at a record pace, all to restore power to affected populations as quickly as possible.

Adversity Reveals Character

James Lane Allen gave us the quote “Adversity does not build character, it reveals is.” Time and time again, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories has shown their character during the most difficult of circumstances. Perhaps this can be attributed to the Inland Northwest community they call home, where folks are quick to lend a hand to a neighbor in need. Regardless of its source, their hard work and generosity are a shining example of doing the right thing, regardless of the cost, serving as an inspiration to individuals and businesses across the country.

Walking The Walk

Many thanks to Schweitzer and its 2,800 employees in the Pullman and Lewiston area for truly living their values and representing the generosity and willingness to help that typifies our region to the rest of the country when they need it most.

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