Three Problems Tackled At Once

Rose Graham, founder of The Right Cart, LLC, created her product business as a solution to three problems that she has faced throughout her 20 years working in the print industry. Currently managing the University of Idaho’s Copy & Print Center, Graham created The Right Cart as a mobile storage solution for wide-format print stock.

“At the Copy & Print Center, we do a lot of great business with wide format printing, such as scientific presentations, general posters, signage and banners. The problems we were experiencing were storage of stock being inconvenient, the excess time it took to change out stock from the machine and the need to reduce unnecessary awkward movements when loading heavy rolls of paper or laminate.” said Graham

Three Problems Solved At Once

The Right Cart - A Better Solution For Large-Format Printers

The Right Cart

There are some products on the market that serve as solutions to one or two of the aforementioned problems, however, there was not a solution for all three. Graham knew what she needed and decided to take action. She took an entrepreneurial class, got a team of students together and designed her fix-all solution: The Right Cart. The Right Cart is a mobile storage cart for wide format print stock which allows the stock to be easily stored, moved, accessed and is better for ergonomics.

Graham has been studying the “Creative Thought Process” over the years, and after her success with the design of The Right Cart, she wanted to work on what comes after the successful implementation of her idea; taking it to market, “Which turned into something of a rabbit hole,” she said.

“With the combination of taking classes and entering business competitions, the rabbit hole has been an interesting and valuable journey.”

The Entrepreneurial Process

The Right Cart, LLC team participated in the Idaho Pitch at the University of Idaho, was a finalist in the 2017 Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge in Boise, Idaho, and the third place winner the Palouse Challenge event at Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp™ 2017 in Moscow, ID.

“The combination of these experiences is proving to be invaluable,” said Graham. She also cited the generosity and wealth of information from participants, contributors, and supporters of these events as extremely important resources for helping any idea get traction on the road to success.

Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp™


As part of her journey to get The Right Cart to market, Graham attended Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp 2017. Her success in the Palouse Challenge event was just one of many indicators of her forecasted success.

“Our idea for this product was welcomed and nurtured by many successful business professionals from a wide range of experiences. BTE Bootcamp was especially helpful in providing in-depth information on topics, both sexy and unsexy, such as Intellectual Properties (IP), networking connections to business financing,” said Graham. “We walked away with more knowledge about how to do better research within the market and other businesses, what investors look for in a business and, mainly, the awesome networking opportunities.”


The Right Cart – A Better Solution For Large-Format PrintersThe five-day event, while intensive, is well worth the investment according to Graham, so long as the opportunities that you have within BTE Bootcamp are acted upon. The long days of the event call upon some of the key characteristics of an entrepreneur: tenacity and endurance.

The Value of Research And Connections

“My advice to other entrepreneurs it to do lots of research and make connections with people who have the means to actually get things done with, and for, your business. BTE Bootcamp helps you to do just that.” said Graham of her time as a camper.

Graham saw the experience is a perfect way for those in the region to invest in not only their community through both the universities and local business communities but also with their fellow community members.

“We are so lucky to have the resources and experiences right here in our own back yard.”

Helping Others Complete Their Entrepreneurial Journey

Rose Graham ultimately hopes to take The Right Cart, LLC through every stage of a business within the next few years, learning about starting, sustaining, and selling a business. After this process, she hopes to take what she has learned and teach other aspiring entrepreneurs about the big picture of starting a business.

“We want to teach others about the whole big picture, from idea generation to selling a business is where the fun will really begin. Perhaps one day, we will be on the other side of the BTE Bootcamp!” she said.

The Right Cart LLC is growing because of the community effort of BTE Bootcamp, and Graham recommends this experience to anyone serious enough to venture down rabbit holes.

Additional Resources

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