Innovations On The Palouse

PDSC Showcasing Innovations On The Palouse

Save The Date!

Bring the whole family to the Palouse Discovery Science Center (PDCS) between11 am – 2 pm on Saturday, November 11, 2017, as we present a showcase of innovations from students and local entrepreneurial start-up companies on the Palouse. As you visit a series of education stations for each project, you can interact directly with presenters, ask questions and hear the many ways innovations begin and how the ways their impact change people’s lives.

The Palouse Discovery Science Center has been bringing “hands-on science and learning experiences to people of all ages” for nearly 20 years. The non-profit was established to bring access to science and technology education and learning to the Palouse since the closest full-service science centers were 300 miles away.

The PDSC offers amazing hands-on learning experiences for learners of all ages encouraging engagement with science, math, engineering, and technology. With over 100 exhibits, educational programs, teaching collections, and ample science activities that enable opportunities to engage, educate, and inspire hungry minds.

Victoria Scalise - Executive Director, Palouse Discovery Science Center

Victoria Scalise

Victoria Scalise, Executive Director of the PDSC, is proud of the resource that the facility provides for the region. It was her passion for supporting the community and encouraging innovation and creativity that led her to become involved with BTE Bootcamp.

“After hearing about the type of companies and products that were incubated and developed through the Bootcamp, I envisioned a connection about the discovery process and innovative thinking of these entrepreneurs, and how this connection could be made to young children and “budding scientist and entrepreneurs” here at the PDSC…Highlighting the PDSC as an early source for the entrepreneurial thinking processes is a terrific tie-in to the BTE Bootcamp, as well as providing a glimpse into the types of entrepreneurs and their products/services developed through the Bootcamp to young children and their families here at the PDSC.” said Scalise.

To learn more about how the PDSC plants the seeds for innovation in minds young and old on the Palouse, as well as their involvement with BTE Bootcamp, read the rest of Scalise’s interview.

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