Creativity Meets Entrepreneurial Values

For Marcus Budig, creativity was not something that he could compromise when deciding to pursue his dreams of being a small business owner. He combined his talent with metal working and the imagery of the Pacific Northwest to create Northwest Metal Works in 2014 in Spokane, WA and is currently doing business out of Fairfield, WA.

Marcus Budig - Northwest Metal Works

Marcus Budig – Northwest Metal Works

“I started Northwest Metal works because since I was young I wanted to be a business owner. This is what formed over a couple years of searching. I was looking for a business with freedom, flexibility, meaningful purpose, and something that fulfilled my life. I was in for a huge surprise,” said Budig.

The young entrepreneur creates custom metal art décor. Budig’s slogan for his work is “If it’s not cool… We don’t do it,” which can be easily seen in the variety of pieces available on his website. “We incorporate personal symbols of your identity into metal for your living environments, which represent you and who you are.”

Creativity Meets BTE Bootcamp

Budig decided to attend BTE Bootcamp in the summer of 2016. This decision was driven by his desire to constantly be improving his business and seeking new solutions.

“If there is a way to improve what I am doing, I am there.” said Budig. “BTE Bootcamp has helped my products become more satisfying to customer needs.”

One of the things that he enjoyed the most about BTE Bootcamp was the camaraderie “It was nice to know that there were other business looking to make it.” Budig said that BTE Bootcamp helped Northwest Metal Works to continue to grow. He said that the experience helped him to improve his organization, smooth out some of the issues in his company, and helped to make his vision for Northwest Metal Works a reality.

Creativity Meets Being A Startup

Budig is no stranger to the roller coaster that starting and running your own small business can be.

“My experience has been so up and down. The traveling is great, but being a startup has been hard. The learning opportunities and positives outweigh the negatives, including but definitely not limited to the long hours.”

One piece of advice that Budig has for aspiring entrepreneurs? Your revenue must pay the bills and service your debt.

“Revenues must be there before any more debt is taken on. You can’t keep looking for new investors to stay alive, because someday they will want returns.”

Budig’s realistic approach to his business combined to his dedication to creating a quality product has led to his measurable success. Find examples of his incredible work at the Northwest Metal Works website.

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