A message to incoming campers

Welcome to Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp! We are thrilled that you will be joining us this year. Get ready for an intense five-day crash course that can help you make your entrepreneurial goals a reality.

Camp this year consists of a wide variety of companies, from natural health to eco-friendly innovations to sophisticated technology, all aiming to better themselves to better serve the community that is in need of their business.

We know that you will walk away from BTE Bootcamp having learned something new, made valuable connections, and set your business up for success.

TriboTEX - Pavlo Rudenko

TriboTEX – Pavlo Rudenko

Pavlo Rudenko of TriboTEX, a technology-focused company that attended BTE Bootcamp last year, said of camp:

“The BTE Bootcamp was a very fast paced and enjoyable week. We appreciated the opportunity to learn with our colleagues about evaluating ideas and their potential to become a viable business opportunity, bootstrapping strategies for startups, market analysis, sales and negotiation, and the art of the pitch. It was enlightening to find out about the variety resources available for startups, right here, on the Palouse. The different speakers brought valuable hands on experience and helped our startup network with many talented professionals. We discussed many ideas on how to take startup to the next level particularly in the area or marketing and sales. Due to the mentorship of the BTE Bootcamp team, our team become more comfortable pitching to clients and closing deals.”

Campers will take businesses from every stage, from searching for an idea to an established business, and work to improve them through refining their business plans and pitches, learning how to build their team, marketing strategies, and so much more.

Airway Hills Golf Center- Abbie Goetze, Trent Goetze

Airway Hills Golf Center- Abbie Goetze, Trent Goetze

Trent Goetze, owner of Airway Hills Golf Course, attended BTE Bootcamp last summer as well. He has stated that BTE Bootcamp was instrumental to continuing the success of his business.

“By the end of BTE Bootcamp, we had received so much input and encouragement. We had new vision and passion for the business. We wanted to take what we had learned and apply it to our business as soon as possible! Since BTE Bootcamp, we have started looking at getting better signage and brochures out, specifically including flyers for events. We also have our social media platform up and running, and have started making contacts with companies about future events.”

It is without question that our campers will walk away from camp knowing much more than when they came in. We look forward to networking with these dedicated entrepreneurs, and helping them to achieve their business dreams.



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