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Jim Boland - Moscow City Council

Jim Boland – Moscow City Council

A feature with City Councilman Jim Boland about his 45 years on the Palouse and what makes it a special place to work and live.

If people say that you can’t live a full and exciting life in a rural area, we invite you to share City Councilman Jim Boland’s story with them. Councilman Boland has been living in Moscow since 1972 with just a few brief times away in between.

Councilman Boland has been dedicated to serving the community in one way or another since his arrival on the Palouse, receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science and Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Idaho. He has owned and operated businesses in town for nearly 30 years, including C&L Locker Company and Hog Heaven Sausage Works. He is passionate about supporting local music as a long-term board member of Rendezvous in the Park, serving as President for nearly 10 years. In his copious spare time, he also performs with his band, “The Intentions.”

Jim Boland has a remarkable, steadfast commitment to serving our community, and serves as a resource to aspiring entrepreneurs to this day. Read his letter below about his experiences working and living in our region, and his advice to anyone looking to start a business.

Jim Boland - Biking In The Palouse

Biking In The Palouse

I came to the Palouse to attend the University of Idaho, went away and came back to go to graduate school, and have not left since! This is a great place to raise a family due to the proximity to a wide variety of outdoor recreation activities, diverse population, and access to a multitude of cultural activities. The presence of two universities gives residents here access to the amenities and opportunities of much larger cities without the traffic, congestion and crime associated with some large population centers. I became a Moscow City Councilman as a result of being appointed by Mayor Bill Lambert to fill a vacant seat and was elected for a four-year term in 2015.

C&L Locker CompanyI became an independent business owner in 1988 as the owner/operator of C&L Locker Company, a farm-to-table meat processing facility, in Moscow. After about 25 years of that enterprise I sold that business to a long-time employee who began working for me in high school and continued on through college. Currently I operate Hog Heaven Sausage Works in Moscow as the only independent Federally Inspected meat processing facility between Sandpoint and Boise within the borders of Idaho.

It is important for people who run independent businesses to bring along young people to be able to take over the enterprise at some point. Without that mentoring, many small businesses just fade away when the original owner retires or sells to someone without the established customer relationships that are so important to keep small enterprises going.

My advice to folks who are contemplating a start-up venture would be to do your homework on the front end! Start something that you can demonstrate a need for in the community and get together enough capital to be able to continue through the early years while you build up a customer base. Be aware that cash flow might be thin in the early going and be prepared to hang on and live modestly while you get your enterprise off the ground!

Jim Boland

Hog Heaven Sausage Works

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