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Global Entrepreneur Week 2017 – 4 event venues, over 5 days, in 3 communities on the Palouse showcased 20 innovative business ideas distributed across the value-added agriculture, science and technology, recreation and human health industry sectors. Open to the public, these events brought to light – the Palouse is a great place to start a business!

Innovations On The Palouse

Global Entrepreneur Week 2017 RecapThe Global Entrepreneur Week 2017 first public event began Saturday afternoon (11/11/2017) with “Innovations On The Palouse” hosted at the Palouse Discovery Science Center in Pullman, WA. Ten local businesses showcased innovations in science and technology, value-added agriculture, recreation, and healthcare, including Virtual Reality learning systems, a drone-based service for traditional volunteer search and rescue units, and a team from SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Labs) teaching visitors fun ways vegetables could be used as batteries to power lights.

Ag Technology Startup Stories

Global Entrepreneur Week 2017 RecapMonday evening (11/13/2017) in Todd Hall on the Washington State University Pullman campus, Carson Business College’s Center For Entrepreneurial Studies hosted “Ag Technology Startup Stories” panel discussion from three successful businesses. Semplice a sports drink made from a byproduct of the Greek yogurt production is still creating and testing new flavors. Phytelligence, a provider of clean, true-to-type plant material to growers currently has over 40 employees in multiple locations. The third startup story, rather than being about a business, was about an animal science graduate’s journey from employee to GISP (geographic information systems) certified entrepreneurial manager in Washington’s Wine industry.

Fall Business Showcase

Global Entrepreneur Week 2017 RecapTuesday afternoon (11/11/2017) at Fairfield Inn & Suites in Moscow, ID the Palouse Knowledge Corridor hosted the “Fall Business Showcase” including nine local entrepreneurs with businesses centered around science and technology, value-added agriculture, human health, and recreation. Attendees heard presentations from two local microbreweries, a restaurant beginning their own franchising model, a dog-friendly coffee shop, a smoothie shop catering to coed athletes, a chocolatier whose creations “dance” when dropped in a glass of champagne, a subscription-based medical practice that passes wholesale price savings to its subscribers, a stay-at-home-mom who created and sells her own line of women’s handcrafted jewelry online, and a nanotechnology company’s product that replaces internal combustion engine gouges with diamond-hard fillings that last 40,000 miles.

Who’s Who In Colfax

Global Entrepreneur Week 2017 RecapWednesday evening, SEWEDA hosted “Who’s Who In Colfax” an in-depth presentation by Colfax-based nanotechnology company, TriboTEX at the Bettie Steiger Community Enrichment Center. The unique characteristics of their product and need for additional storage facilities were followed by a question and answer session.

Additional Resources

2017 Palouse Entrepreneurial Innovators

  1. Blue Collar VR (Brian Cleveley:
  2. Blaze: Secure The Shelter VR (Karin Hatheway-Dial:
  3. Dancing Chocolates (Vicki Leeper:
  4. Drones (Pullman Christian School, High School students)
  5. Freed Outfitters (Katherine and Jennifer Hervey:
  6. Hunga Dunga (Graham Lilly:
  7. Kea Bird Identification App (Chris Duke:
  8. Main St. Squeeze Juice and Smoothie (Destiny Sternod:
  9. Moscow Brewing Company (Andy Severson:
  10. Old Man Games (Kevin Grote, Gabriel Garcia)
  11. Patient Experience (Becky Highfill:
  12. Phytelligence (Dr. Amit Dhingra:
  13. Rants and Raves (Tim Kinkeade:
  14. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (Kate Wilhite:
  15. Semplice (Dr.Derek Jiwan:
  16. Speech Sounds Simplified (Keri Jones:
  17. Ste. Michelle Wine Estates (Jenn Triquet Smithyman:
  18. Story Family Medicine (Jenny Story:
  19. The Naughty Dog Coffee Shop (Steven Mislosky:
  20. TriboTEX (Dr. Pavlo Rudenko:
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