A look at this year’s BTE Bootcamp™

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly two months since the fourth annual Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp. We have greatly enjoyed staying in contact with this year’s campers and greatly look forward to their successes.

As the Palouse Knowledge Corridor™ and BTE Bootcamp™ teams gear up to start planning next year’s festivities, it is important to us that we take into account our campers’ feedback. It is our ultimate goal that all alumni walk away with a newly instilled confidence in themselves in their vision, and that they feel ready to make it happen.From The Camper's Perspective - 2017 Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp

The Round Table: A Board Game Café.

Sean and Sarah Quallen attended BTE Bootcamp this year with their business idea: The Round Table: A Board Game Café. The goal of The Round Table would be to provide quality time with family and friends over great food and exciting games, rather than screens.

“The BTE Bootcamp provided our company countless opportunities & network potentials,” said the pair. “We feel substantially more ready than we did a week ago.”

Our team was honored to work with campers across a wide range of ages and fields. Watching people at varying stages of their business pare down their goals and develop their confidence in their business pitch and plan is why we do what we do.From The Camper's Perspective - 2017 Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Inbound Hiro

Adam Jones and Eun Leem came to BTE Bootcamp with their concept for Inbound Hiro, a custom website extension to help you be able to better market to your customers.

“We enjoyed every moment! Meeting other business people who were getting started, successful, and building. We grew so much and feed ready to succeed with our product.” In fact, the team garnered interest and attention from several businesses in the community during the camp.

Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp is an intense five-day crash course with long days and early alarm clocks.

“The beginning days were overwhelming,” said Vaughn Sweet, “but the advisors made my experience a success.” We know that camp can be very tiring, but we pack every session with valuable lessons that will help our campers succeed. The long hours are well worth the time, seeing the excitement our campers have in their plans by the end of the week.From The Camper's Perspective - 2017 Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Health Begins at Home

As an aspiring entrepreneur, it can be hard to know what to expect from business mentorship.

“BTE Bootcamp exceeded my expectations on every level,” said Brooke Lounsbury, creator of Health Begins at Home.From The Camper's Perspective - 2017 Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp

The Palouse Is A Great Place For Business!

The Palouse is a region focused on supporting entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses, and our unique organizations are no exception. Our teams at PKC and BTE Bootcamp work to make sure that this intense week sets up our campers for their best shot at success. Networking within the community, making connections with other aspiring and established business owners, and time specifically dedicated to learning about how to make their goals into realities all help our campers to walk away from BTE Bootcamp more prepared to make their business dreams come true.From The Camper's Perspective - 2017 Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Thank You – Everyone!

From all of us here at BTE Bootcamp and PKC, we would like to thank the Palouse regional community for supporting budding and developed entrepreneurs and making our region the economic powerhouse that it is.From The Camper's Perspective - 2017 Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Photos by Steve Stone.

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