It’s Not Just The Champagne

These Chocolates Really Do Dance

Dancing Chocolates – Eat Chocolates Like No One’s Watching“Innovations On The Palouse,” a family-friendly business showcase hosted by Palouse Science Discovery Center was the 2017 opening event of Global Entrepreneur Week. This unique component of the Palouse Entrepreneurial Ecosystem allows business owners to explain the “Why” and “How” of what their companies do, as families circulate through the many hands-on science exhibits.

Dancing Chocolates, launched in 2016, is an online chocolatier based in Pullman. However, these chocolates are unlike any other chocolates available anywhere. When dropped into a flute of champagne, they dive to the bottom, make a topsy-turvy-spin-about move, rise to the top, then dive to the bottom again – over and over and over – for the next 45 minutes or so. It’s live entertainment without the cover charge.

The Conversation That Launched A Business

Discovered by three “finely-aged Chocolate Divas” while the trio was drinking champagne and eating chocolates on a California deck in 2013, the idea required time and effort to become a repeatable reality. The flavors and more specifically the unique shapes took years of experimentation to find just the right blend of dark, fair-trade chocolate, perfect recipes and surface topography before the chocolates would “dance.” And, it only works with champagne. No other beverage can pull it off.

Owned by Ms. Vicki Leeper (Pullman, WA), Ms. Patricia Jones (Sacramento, CA), and Ms. Diane Amos (St. Petersburg, FL), their unique blend of business acumen and life achievements allows them to live in and support their communities while running the online business.

Ms. Vicki Leeper

Vicki has 24 years of experience in event planning, marketing, website management and a lifetime love of artisan chocolate. Her fondness for favorite cocktails led to the creation of Spuffles (spoons filled with one-ounce of mimosa, pina colada, margarita or champagne flavored truffles), designed to keep the party going. She also teaches people how to make truffles from scratch at the Dahmen Barn in Uniontown.

Ms. Patricia Jones

Patricia has over 30 years’ experience in Bookkeeping, finance, and catering including 14 years as Office Manager/CFO for an independent retail specialty foods business. She stays active working with the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society (STJS) Foundation, a non- profit arts organization for youth.

Ms. Diane Amos

Diane currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, and was the first to dream up Dancing Chocolates! She works as a gymnastics coach and has prepared many successful athletes in competitions around the world, including the Olympics.

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