Empowering Digestive Healthcare Patients With Educated Choices

Putting Educated Digestive Health Patients In The Driver’s Seat

Bringing Digestive Healthcare to YouBrooke Lounsbury, BTE Bootcamp™ 2017 Alum, is a woman of many talents. When she isn’t working on her start-up, Digestive Health RN, she writes continuing education content for Pedagogy Inc. In her time working as a nurse, she noticed a disconnect between patients and their healthcare providers. In most cases, there was no time or resources for providers to adequately teach their patients about nutrition and the digestive system. This disconnect, in conjunction with health challenges she observed herself and with her loved ones, Lounsbury started Digestive Health RN to help bridge the gap. She got her start after writing continuing education courses for nurses about probiotics and digestive health. She saw incredibly positive results of this systematic approach to gut health, putting people back in the driver’s seat of their own health through education.

A Passion To Inform Patients Becomes A Business Plan

Digestive Health RN is a service focused on education about the importance of your digestive system to your overall health through Lounsbury’s new book, Fermie’s Journeys, as well as in classes, individual sessions, and in small group settings. Lounsbury’s mission is empowering people to take control of their health through practical education and hands-on classes about digestive health. Eventually, she would like to see her business used to help people manage their own health challenges and make a profound positive difference in their lives. “Once a person has the tools and motivation to implement lasting changes in their health and lifestyles, the whole community benefits!” said Lounsbury

Getting A “Business Mind” at Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp™

Lounsbury decided to attend Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp this summer after feeling stuck in her business. She knew that she had the passion to make her company work, but wanted help with the logistics:

“I do not have a ‘business mind,’ so I felt that this was the very best way to see if my business model was a valid one.”

Throughout her BTE Bootcamp experience, Lounsbury showed her dedication and passion for her business and helping people take control of their health. This helped her secure a spot in the 2017 Palouse Challenge event, where she pitched her business to three industry-expert Sharks in front of hundreds of people.

Invaluable Help From “The Sharks”

Bringing Digestive Healthcare to You“I truly appreciated the critique from the Sharks. It made me reflect on the fact that the market is saturated with “quick fix” health products, and that really wasn’t my goal in the first place. I was able to take their critique and really look at what my passion is and how I can help people improve their lives. I realized I want to be a stable, consistent and valuable member of the community through my business,” said Lounsbury of her experience.

Being a camper is stressful and challenging, but it is also very rewarding. Reflecting on her experience, Brooke highlighted three things for us that she took away from BTE Bootcamp 2017. First was learning the art of pitching her business, which is a continued learning process. Second was the wealth of support available for entrepreneurs in the Palouse region.

“I had no idea there was so much support out there for entrepreneurs in our area. I wasn’t alone!” she said.

Third was the importance of refining your business focus.


“My business was too broad of a topic. Focusing on one specific area really helped me see my goal more clearly.”

Lounsbury’s BTE Bootcamp™ Takeaway

After her experience, we asked Brooke if she thought other entrepreneurs would benefit from attending BTE Bootcamp:

“I would highly recommend ANYONE who is even considering a business or already has one to attend. Every speaker had a different aspect of business wisdom to contribute. I would even consider attending again!”

Additional Resources

You can hear more from Lounsbury on her new website, digestivehealthrn.com. You can also purchase her book, Fermie’s Journeys on Amazon and CreateSpace.


Photos by Steve Stone.

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