Our 4th Year Of Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed

Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp™ was made up of a diverse group of enthusiastic from varying fields, backgrounds, experience levels, and age groups. Over the course of the five-day intensive experience, campers took their businesses of every stage closer to their goals as entrepreneurs.

Through long days of speaking sessions, individualized mentoring, and two one-of-a-kind public events, these entrepreneurs worked to continually improve their business plans and work toward their success.

Tony Poston, Jacob Weaver, Joanna Bailey

Tony Poston, Jacob Weaver, Joanna Bailey

“BTE boosted my confidence as a potential entrepreneur and gave me the tools to know how to move forward.” said Jacob Weaver, first time camper and founder of Greek Culinary Services. The people and networking opportunities were incredible!”

2017 Bootcamp Recap And Camper Insights - Jacob Weaver, Jiaju Gu, Jing Sun

Jacob Weaver, Jiaju Gu, Jing Sun

In attendance was also the duo Jiaju Gu and Jing Sun, who came to BTE Bootcamp searching for a business idea. While they did not walk away with a specific plan, they learned a great deal and enjoyed the experience, and highly recommended it to interested future campers;

“If you have the passion to have your own company, come! If you want to develop your idea, come! If you desire to expand your connections, here is the right place!”

2017 Bootcamp Recap And Camper Insights - Ben Stone, Phoenix Conservancy

Ben Stone, Phoenix Conservancy

Companies ranged from innovative technological solutions to culinary services and non-profit organizations. While BTE Bootcamp is meant to encourage attendees and set them up for success, that it not to say that it will be a cake walk. Ben Stone of Phoenix Conservancy said that

“It felt (at times) like my ideas were broken down to their essence daily. While vaguely discouraging at first, the mentors & presenters were amazing in their ability to build them back up stronger than they were before.”

2017 Bootcamp Recap And Camper Insights - Donald Stanziano, Moscow Wild at Art

Donald Stanziano, Moscow Wild at Art

In attendance were also long-standing successful businesses who were looking for tools to set up their latest venture for a positive future, like Donald Stanziano of Moscow Wild at Art.

“I can’t think of an aspect that wasn’t positive. I think the roster of guest speakers was absolutely A+. I couldn’t be happier about my BTE Bootcamp experience. My investments of time & money were recovered many times over. Thank you!”

2017 Bootcamp Recap And Camper Insights - Gail Miller, Alex Navarro

Gail Miller, Alex Navarro

The whole Be The Entrepreneur Bootcamp team was thrilled to have the opportunities to work with the entrepreneurs above and many more throughout this intense five-day workshop. To see campers walk out with a refined vision of their businesses and goals for their future is the reason why we do what we do.

“BTE Bootcamp taught me to reimagine myself as a start-up business person which was a major change for someone who had come out of academia. I now have a whole new vision of myself and my future.” Said Gail Miller, owner of Wordsmith.

Thanks To Everyone For An Outstanding 2017 BTE Bootcamp™

It was an honor to work with these dedicated individuals over the course of the week, and our team looks forward to their individual and collective successes.

Photos by Steve Stone.
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